In accordance with the Statute the Members of the Istituto are divided into the Permanent, Meritorious, Honorary, and Corresponding ones.

Since 2006 you can become a Permanent Member by the submission of a relevant application, which must be countersigned by two members who enjoy the right to vote, to the Consiglio d'Amministrazione (Board of Directors), through the payment of an annual fee of € 40.00 (from 2015).
The Meritorious Members are those permanent ones, who occasionally pay, in addition to the membership fee, a fee, whose amount is not ten times lower than the standard fee, or who have carried out, for the benefit of the IPOCAN, an important task in terms of time or result. The confirmation of the title of Meritorious is the duty of the Assemblea Generale dei Soci (General Members’ Assembly).
The title of Honorary Member is conferred by the Consiglio Scientifico to all those people, who have offered special services or who have contributed to the social activity of the Istituto per l'Oriente C. A. Nallino in a significant way.
The Corresponding Members are all scholars who are not 27 years old and who pay half the membership fee € 20.00 (from 2015). They take part in the Assemblea Generale dei Soci without the right to vote. Every member has the right to participate in cultural activities and initiatives of IPOCAN and to benefit from a 30% discount on all publications. All Members – including the corresponding ones – besides being able to attend the premises of the Istituto, to access its services, its libraries and its library Funds, have the right to participate in its cultural activities and to benefit from a 30% discount on all its publications.

Since 2006 the members may receive Oriente Moderno through the payment of the yearly amount of € 50.00


Download the application form corresponding members ( pdf format)

Download the application form ordinary members (pdf format)